buying a boat

Things to consider

If you are thinking of buying a second hand boat, then Aspire Boat Sales is the right place to start. With such a huge choice and variation in boat types and styles, we are here to help guide you through the process and make buying your boat an enjoyable experience. Here are some helpful hints for you to consider :

  • Buying a used boat - a second hand boat is likely to retain more of its value for longer than buying a new one.


  • Research the Manufacturer - Is it a well known & respected brand & are they still trading and building boats


  • Why is the boat being sold - This will often give you clues as to how well the boat has been looked after. For example, If the Owner is looking to move to a larger boat this might indicate that they are Boat Enthusiasts and may have taken greater care with the upkeep, or if it is a Finance repossession, the Owner may not have kept up with the maintenance and it may require more TLC.


  • What was the Boats main use - Was the boat privately owned and used or has it been Chartered or used commercially. A private boat will generally have much less use and subsequently less wear and tear than one used commercially. The engine is likely to have lower hours and the cabins and interior will show less signs of usage.
  • Does the Boat have a recent service history - This will show how well the boat has been maintained and if you will need to consider additional service and maintenance costs as part of your purchasing budget.


  • Does the boat have all the equipment you need - Does it have all the sails, winches & electronics that you want, if not, you will need to budget for thus as part of your purchase.


  • Viewing & Inspecting the Boat - This is a vital part of the buying process. It enables you to see what you will be getting before parting with any money.


  • Making an Offer - Once you have seen your dream boat, you will need to make an offer to buy it. Your offer should reflect the age, condition, equipment level and expenditure required, but be aware you are buying a used boat, so its asking price should already reflect these factors. Just because you would like to fit the latest electronic equipment, this is not grounds to reduce your offer to cover the full cost of this.