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Why should you use Aspire Boat Sales to sell your Boat?

  • Experience - Aspire's brokers have many years experience at selling boats on Owner’s behalf. We will help you in many different ways throughout the whole process; you’ll get advice, guidance, and important tips that can help you achieve your boat selling goals.
  • Pricing strategy - One of the most important aspects of working with us is getting our insights on pricing strategy. Setting a higher sale price may increase your profitability, but it’s going to make it harder to sell your vessel. Setting a lower price will facilitate a faster sale but hurt your profitability. At Aspire Boat Sales, we will help you find the perfect middle point for your needs.
  • Preparation - There’s a lot of preparation that goes into readying a boat for sale. It’s important to fix any major issues you can, clean it, and make it presentable. Aspire Boat sales can provide you with advice for all these areas.
  • Photography & Video - Aspire Brokers are trained Photographers that know how to make your boat look its best. We will take a range of photos, both interior and exterior shots and use a selection in the final marketing. Depending on the Boat, we will often prepare a professionally edited Video Walk Through of the Boat to assist with marketing.
  • Marketing and advertising - We will fully market and advertise your boat – which means you won’t have to lift a finger. We advertise on most of the major boating websites and portals as well as using other platforms such as Social Media Channels & Window advertising to get the best possible coverage for your boat.


Power boat

  • Waiting Buyers - Aspire Boat Sales have a wide network of connections and good personal relationships in the boating world. We also keep details of active buyers looking for all types of Boats, so it may be that we already have someone looking for your exact boat. That means they can host more private viewing opportunities, helping to close the sale faster.
  • ABYA Membership - Our Brokers are all trained by ABYA, The Association of Brokers & Yacht Agents. ABYA is the largest Industry Association, specifically for Yacht Brokers. They issue a strict Code of Practice that all members have to adhere to which primarily protects their Customers. Furthermore, all ABYA Brokers have to maintain ongoing training and CPD points each year to continue their membership. This ensures that they are always up to date with the latest changes and amendments to Laws and Procedures for correctly selling a boat.
  • Client Bank Account - Aspire Boat Sales hold a completely separate Clients Bank Account for the handling of all money relating to Boat Sales. This is a recognised, protected account that holds your money safe during the sales process and does not form part of and can not be used as part of our regular banking. In the unlikely event of anything happening, the money is ring fenced and can not be taken by the Banks or any Creditors.
  • Paperwork assurance - The paperwork and handling of the legal and practical logistics when selling a boat is a lot more complex than most people realise. If it is not done correctly, as a Seller, you could be left with a liability , or worse, you could end up losing funds. Aspire Boat Sales will take care of all of the for you and ensure that everything is done correctly to ensure a straightforward and legal sale takes place
  • Smooth title transference - Since we will serve as both an advisor and a mediator, we will make sure the transfer of the title o the boat goes as smoothly as possible and is correctly done
  • Protection if something goes wrong - If something does go wrong during the sale, like if your buyer doesn’t show up or if there’s a last-minute conflict preventing the sale from going through, we will be here to help you. We will do everything possible to make sure the transaction is completed and that all parties are responsible. We also hold our own Professional Indemnity Insurance to give you that ultimate peace of mind.