Advice for sellers

Presenting your boat for sale.

When we are selling your boat, our aim at Aspire Boat Sales is to sell the boat as quickly as possible at the best price. To help with this, there are a number of things that you can do to present your boat for sale:-

  • Exterior Wash & Polish - Give your boat a thorough wash & polish. A full scrub from top to bottom getting rid of all the dirt, mildew & debris that might give a bad impression. GRP hulls should be polished to gleam in the sun with teak & decks cleaned and looking fresh. Better yet, employ a professional Boat Valeter to do this for you. They will be familiar with all the best products and materials to make your boat look its absolute best.


  • Make repairs - If anything is broken or damaged, get it repaired, replaced or removed. Buyers don’t like to see broken hinges, leaking seals or ripped upholstery or told that a winch is seized or a sail ripped etc


  • Service, Anti-foul & Anode Change - Consider carrying out some of the pre-season works, even if they are not quite due. Get the engine(s) serviced, hull anti-fouled and anodes replaced. With a sibling boat check to see if the Standing Rigging needs replacing or the sail drive seal needs changing. Doing this means the buyer won’t have these costs when they buy your boat and therefore can’t devalue it and it also shows you have cared for it.
  • De-Clutter - Remove as many of your personal possessions and kit that are not being sold with the boat and stow away anything that needs to stay onboard. If possible, particularly remove all bedding, Towels & clothing & empty the fridge and larder cupboards of old food and drink and empty the bin. Leave all surfaces as clear as possible so that the buyer can imagine their own belongings onboard & your Broker can get good clear pictures.


  • Interior Clean - Having de-cluttered and removed food etc, clean all fridges, oven and sinks as well as the heads. If possible put marine safe toilet cleaner & freshener in the bowl. Hoover all upholstery and carpets and polish the woodwork and surfaces. If possible, put a pleasant smelling air freshener in the cabin.


  • Keep the boat in a Ready to Sell Condition - Having gone to all the time, effort and cost of preparing the boat for sale, keep it in the same condition. Although we hope the boat will sell quickly, if it does take a little longer, ensure it is always looking its best. If you are still using it, after every use, clear and clean the boat and put it back so it is ready for viewings again.

Preparing your boat in this way will mean that we can take better photos & videos, which will show the boat better and ultimately lead to a faster sale at a better price.