Your step-by-step guide.

When buying a boat with Aspire Boat Sales, we aim to make the whole process simple, straightforward and most importantly, enjoyable. In case you have never bought a boat through a reputable Broker before, here is the process you can probably expect :

1) Viewing the boat - Having selected the boat you are interested in, you should call Aspire and arrange to come and view it. It is worth checking it's location as not all our boats listed are at Universal Marina.

2) Making an offer - Once you have found the boat of your dreams, you need decide on what offer you wish to make and any extra conditions or terms that you wish included

3) Offer Acceptance - Once your offer has been agreed, Aspire will issue a Sale & Purchase Agreement between you and the Vendor for signing. We will also ask you for proof of ID for KYC Checks ( Know your Customer ) and also request that you pay a 10% deposit into our Designated Client Bank Account. It is essential for your protection that all funds that you ever pay, ALWAYS, go into a Client Bank Account. This is your single biggest protection when buying a boat.

4) Sea Trial & or Survey - As part of any buying process, we would always recommend that you have the boat inspected or Surveyed by a qualified professional to assess the condition of the boat before you finally agree to take Ownership. You should also undertake a Sea Trial to test the boat under load and check the operation of the engine etc. This is to check the boat does what it should.

5) Vessel Acceptance - Following a successful Survey & Sea Trial, you will accept the boat and confirm you wish to buy it at the agreed price.

6) Payment of Balance - You will be sent a Completion Statement to show how much is left to pay to complete your purchase at which point you will pay this final amount into the Client Bank Account

7) Paperwork & Handover - All the Signed Title Documentation for the legal transfer of Ownership plus any manuals and keys etc will be prepared and given to you and the boat will be handed over to you on an agreed date

8) Insurance - You need to make sure that the Boat is insured in your name from the agreed date & time of Completion of the Sale

9) Ownership - You are now the Owner of the Boat